confessions of a drug mule

hi, reader(s)!  i realized i haven’t said hello in a couple months, so i thought it was time for my last post of 2012.  whoa. where did the year go?!  i wrapped up my fall with a few more trips, some delightful days in chicago, and of course, plenty of time on that blasted train (shockingly no crazy train stories to report – it still smells funny).

georgia/arizona – oh, sweet georgia!  i was down south for a very dear friend’s (whom i call tot) wedding.  as is common, the white southern belles (mothers and all) LOVED ME!  it was so much fun – favorite moment?  when the very white DJ played gangam style and the 2 indian girls were the only ones who were able to dance through it.  i mean, come on!  after GA, i was off to arizona!  highlights: seeing my childhood friends AND not getting deported :).

colOmbia yup, just a quick trip to cocaine country for work.  i kid.  first trip to south america, and i loved it!  i was there for a conference, but let’s be honest I WAS THERE FOR COLOMBIA.  work training went well, conference booth went well, etc.  then I was slipped $750 semi-stealthily by my boss of our hotel.  that’s normal, right?  totally normal work protocol?  alas, after chasing down the doctor (and listen, i don’t mean any disrespect, but you imagine yelling Dr Gonzalez in a crowd of LATIN AMERICAN PHYSICIANS) and giving him the money, i was officially relieved of my drug mule duties.  i just want to make it clear – colOmbia is not known for cats.  also, a man dressed as Willy Wonka hit on me.  so that happened.  Also, there was a mariachi band at one of the rooftop parties I attended…with lots of tequila-happy Mexican pediatricians.  Life experiences, I call them.   blogpost

also, OBAMA won!  that was a pretty awesome and magical time!  i know he’s not perfect (i mean his skin is perfect), but i am excited about the next 4 years.  especially for the women in my life, for the children’s health i work for, and for all the men and women who just want to get married.

favorite moment of 2012?  that’s hard since it included getting down with a sarawakian warrior dancers, attending two best friend weddings, and well, sushi…hmm, i think it might be teaching my mom how to send an e-mail and then receiving this e-mail after returning home from a trip to FL:

subj: I missed you so much, please reply Love Mom
body: –nothing–

it made me smile, it made me tear up, it just made me really happy and grateful.  also, let’s be honest, it made me laugh.  why so desperate woman? of course, i’ll reply!!  i hope you’ll take a moment to reflect on 2012 – it had some really dark moments, some moments that may have made it really hard to believe, to laugh, to smile.  in those moments, remember the e-mail i just shared.  remember a happening that gives you reason to smile.  and let’s work harder to minimize the dark moments in the coming year.

what’s on the docket for 2013? i don’t know!  i am thinking about taking hindi classes, continuing my bolly ways (listen, guys, i am almost ready to be a backup dancer), and keep the social calendar strong (for the love of cats, I convinced my friend to go speed dating).  as for work, who knows – i think it’s going to be a wonderful year ahead, so i guess i’ll just keep doing my thang.  yes, i said thang.  instead of focusing on the wants and don’t haves, i’ll give a little extra attention to the existing fabulous in my life.  i hope you have a fantastic transition to 2013 – our best year yet?


3 thoughts on “confessions of a drug mule

  1. This. Post. Is. Perfect. And exactly what I needed to read today! I loved the part about the white southern mamas – they did really love you 😉 But I especially loved the part about remembering a happening that gives you a reason to smile and trying to minimize the dark moments. Truer words were never spoken my dear. I want this to be my motto for 2013 and I know your gorgeous face will be a part of my happenings to smile about. Here’s to a great 2013 and seeing you more – in a little over a month to be exact!

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