And then it was November.

So if I was getting paid to blog, I’d obvi would have been canned by now.  Thankfully, I write just for funzies.  It’s been about a year (whoa) since I last said hello, and this morning, I felt the sudden urge to do just that.  So…Hi!

2014 has been one of my favorite years to date…here are a few highlights:

  • I turned 30 and didn’t have a nervous breakdown in the process
  • I traveled to Oxford, England; Belgium; Port Washington, WI, and have trips slated for Seattle and Nepal before the year’s end
  • I moved to a new hood, and I love it so much; [sidenote: I still adore Chicago, 4 years in]
  • I met a boy who might just be a keeper…wait, what?  Yap, this single girl fell for a strapping young enginerd (like he he legit walks around with a clipboard and hardhat); we’ll call him Buster
  • I re-learned how to love my job and reminded myself that while passion is key, balance is much more important…p.s. while I think the old adage about finding a way to get your passion paid for is a bit cliche, I’ll admit – I’ve done just that (most of the time, at least)

I feel pretty darn lucky to have found Buster…he’s just super.  And hilarious…and ridiculous.  I won’t pull all that ‘you’ll find your somebody one day,” and “when you know, you know” business.  But I will say, it’s a nice feeling.  Even nicer?  Finding out after we met (it’s 2014, folks, we have obvi met on the interwebs), that our dads were childhood friends in the old country.

Yesterday, Buster and I decided (okay, I decided) to take his niece to the planetarium for a day-o-fun.  I like to think we’re both pretty decent with kids.  You know, in that, they’re fun b/c you know at the end of the day, you get to give them back sort of way.  A few of my favorite ‘totes nailed this parenting thing’ moments:

  • perhaps I had to basically bully the child into going to the bathroom before the star show (those of you who know me know that I would not have been pleased if I had to miss the stars for a potty break)
  • maybe Buster got into a semi-intense competition to red-headed lads (whose parents were nowhere to be seen) re: building a tower with foam blocks
  • perhaps I had to step away from the group when aforementioned lads got a little annoying (yeah, I said it, they were cute, but no, I do not like to lose)
  • While in the kids area:  Me:  It smells funny in here.  Buster:  Yeah, like poo, right?  Me: Oh.
  • Buster and I each required 2 hour naps after our 4 hour excursion to the museum and lunch…that’s normal, right?

All in all, successful outing!  I haven’t had a chance to hang with my white babies (they’re not babies anymore!), so just reminded me how I miss them.  Must schedule a playdate soon :).

In other news, I’ve recently been engrossed with gourds and root vegetables…sweet tatos, butternut squash, other squash.  Creamy cream-free soup is SO EASY.  And it involves my blender (note previous posts where I’ve made slightly obsessive references to my $35 Oster blender)..I’ve finally accepted that I don’t *need* the vitamix.IMAG0539


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