About Kiks

ganeshFor years, my friends have urged me to begin a blog. Kiran (or Crayon-Koran-Keerun), you’re so funny, you’re so clever, I wish I was you. The modicum of modesty I once had prevented me from moving forward with the plan. But things change…my life has been extraordinarily dynamic (business major buzz word) in the last 12 36ish months…totes blogworthy.

Kiks in a nutshell – [not so] recent MPH grad who grew up in Florida, went to school at UF, moved to Kansas, migrated to Chicago, headed to Atlanta for grad school (Emory, what, what), and then peaced out back to my favorite city…the land of opportunities, Chicago! Currently in between interviews and touring the museums. [Addendum: Employed and promoted AGAIN!]

Hope you’ll find this entertaining…or at the very least, maybe it will make you feel better about your own lives. I shall chronicle the next few months as I seek employment, housing, and create greeting cards [Housed!]. Oh yes, I will be sharing my collection of Glitter Monkey Greetings each post [Totes didn’t happen!].

DISCLAIMER: I am a stickler for good grammar/proofreading most times…but not for bloggy. Bloggy comes with mistakes, and you should accept them. But please know, in life, I do not accept grammatical fails.




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