Domestic Diva Dollop

Throw it on the Stove Soup

Boil water with 1 chicken bouillon (or veggie) and 1 onion boullion cube.

Add spices as you see fit (pepper, cumin, garlic, dried onion flakes, dried chives – avoid salt!)

Boil, boil, boil.

Add chunks (BITE SIZE) of lean turkey

boil, boil, boil.

when turkey is cooked, add shredded spinach and one fire roasted red pepper chopped up (I used Trader Joe’s).

Boil some more.

Add a handful of brown rice.

At the very end of the cooking process – a splash of milk.

Few more minutes of simmering, and TA DA!



Palak + White Fish (Palak = Spinach)

I successfully made palak (as in palak paneer) for the first time ever!!  WITH MY BLENDER.

Boil lots of spinach (I def needed more), chopped onions, throw in some chopped green onions too (radioactive green, factor!).

Add some salt, a little EVOO (I think I threw in EVOO somewhere along the way, but don’t really remember).

Other seasonings:  cumin, garam masala, turmeric, other random seasonings you like…I may have added some dried onion flakes, too.

Some minced garlic.

Boil, boil, boil until the water cooks down…but not tooooo long.

Dump green blend into blender and liquefy.  TADA!  I served mine over a panko-encrusted white fish.  But I am sure it’s delish with some brown rice, too :)!

Cream of ‘Mater Bisque

– 1 can diced tomatoes

– whatever fresh tomatoes you have in your fridge (i had a packet of cherry/grape tomatoes that i threw in the blender)

– i think i threw in some sun dried tomatoes (i don’t remember)

– onion

– spinach (OBVI)

– seasonings!  i like garlic salt, chopped garlic, dried chives, pepper, basil – really whatever you want

Blend tomatoes in awesome blender until liquified.  Throw in onion and spinach and other veggies then.

Hell, throw in the spices, too!  Maibs a little EVOO.

Then boil for 30-45 minutes.  I added a little milk at the end as faux cream.  You can also add a little water if it gets too thick.

Serve with a smidge of mozzarella if avail!  To add protein, try some turkey or chicken sausage.  Actually, I think put in chunks of some sort of turkey sausage late in the cooking process.

YUMMY!  Goes best with gold fish crackers :))

Candlefreshner – Don’t you hate those chunks of wax that don’t burn evenly in bottles…so you’re left with no wick, but plenty of wax?  ME, TOO.  Place the seemingly useless glass jar in the freezer.  After a couple days, you should be able to get that wax out (with a little bit of love, obvi).  I break up the pieces into rando-shapes and put them in a different jar (or the same one – I hoard jars).  Place on your stove for insta-fresh.  I’ve also been drizzling a bit of wax of other candles to combine scents.

Super fresh sink – drop in some ice cubes and orange/lemon/lime peels.  Turn on the disposal.  It’s citrus heaven!  And the ice helps to clean residue off the pipes.

The dryer ate my sock – Ever find that you’re left sans a pair of socks?  I’ve found a useful trick for those pesky “onesies” left behind.  They’re perfect for dusting – Put on the (clean) sock as if it was a mitten.  Spray a little cleaner as needed and wipe surfaces clean.  The beauty of this is you can invert the sock as you remove it – leaving your hands dust-free.  Or make a sock puppet.

Kiku’s Jambalaya

  • 2 cubes of chicken bouillon (or veggie) + water for broth (not too much water to keep it stewy)
  • Some frozen okra
  • A couple of slivers of sliced sundried tomato
  • Carrots (this time I used canned so they’re already soft)
  • Spices:  garlic salt, paprika, mom’s mix of masala (ie, do what you will), dried onion flakes
  • Meat or tofu of your choice (I used turkey hot dogs b/c I had some in my freezer :))

Heat until veggies are cooked, but don’t overdo it…I tried cooking it in a pan instead of a pot – think this speeds up the process and avoids cooking the vegetables into total submission.  The trick here is no additional oil is added – you’ll get enough “fat” from the sundried tomatoes (in oil) and meat.

Dal/Lentil Soupy Soup

  • Tuvar dal (or whatever lentil makes you happy)
  • Baby spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Onion
  • Green chili pepper (just a smidge!)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Spices:  salt, pepper, mustard seed, cumin (!!!), hing, onion flakes, turmeric (not just for your face!), coriander (if you remember) and other rando masala/spices that you like

Soak your lentils in water (with a smidge of salt and cumin) for a couple hours.

Chop up your veggies – you’ll be adding these into the lentils over time (so not to kill all of the nutritional value).

Now you’ll need to get your spices ready – In a pan, heat some EVOO (less than  tablespoon is plenty).  After the oil is hot, carefully drop in some cumin, chopped onion, mustard seed or corriander, a couple of slivers of green chili pepper.

Many cook lentils in a pressure cooker – I use an old fashioned pot with water.  Cook your lentils with water – add other seasonings to taste (ie, hing, turmeric, more cumin, salt).  Cooking time varies – I’d say at least 45 minutes so they’re softened.  Throw in some tomatoes and onions halfway through the cooking process.  In the final 5-7 minutes, toss in some baby spinach.  I found this prevents excessive gooey wilting of the spinach (and it’s prettier colors)!

I am still figuring out the best time to add the sautee (vaaaghhaar) into the lentils – I guess try it out and see which you prefer.  I think I lean towards the end of the cooking process.  Though sometimes I think I’ve cooked lentils in the same pan (base = sauteed spices).  Whatever works!

Vegetarian Stuffed ‘Shrooms

** next up! **


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