The Big Apple, The Big Peach, and Cat City…

The death of a TV icon and a throwback to my father’s citizenship exam:
“Yes Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson) died. They asked me the question- who wrote the history of “Independence”? and I replied George Jefferson. The interviewer told me that “you are watching TV too much. The answer was Thomas Jefferson.”

New York City
Love!  Payless (aka past life) reunion with 6 of my closest Kansas pals!  Actually, true story, one of the gals started after I left Oz, but we got along just fine J.  Of course, it rained on one day, so that kinda sucked, but the company more than made up for it.  It was my first time hitting a bar/club in NYC.  I was excited.  I just assumed people in NYC are more beautiful than the rest of us.  And of course they’re excellent dancers.

Oh.  Yes, pretty people, but OMG I saw some janked up dancing.  Janked? Is that a word?  The red squiggly is making me think no, but I will carry on.  So much rhythmless, excessive clapping.  Imagine your childhood toy on its last leg of the Duracell battery…when it starts to seize a little before dying completely.  That was NYC dancing.

Yummy food, too!  I enjoyed Spice in Union Square (Park?!) and 44&X in Hell’s Kitchen.

Conversations with Hotlanta’s Finest
me:  Um I so wish i could sneak you in my suitcase.  getting slightly nervous about this

N:  why? how long is the flight
me:  like 2 days with a layover in singapore.
o god. thats miz. pls say u got aisle seat
me:  i cant remember.  STOP.
N:  u know my bladder gets smaller on flights.  i pee literally every 1.5 hrs
me:  oh i can wait for 8 hours or so.  i plan to remain dehydrated as much as possible.

It’s sad when the dentist makes your day…
So today was a hooch in a handbag.  Murphy’s Law.  Malaysia is in exactly one month. Today I spent almost my entire day figuring out hotel logistics for the training.  HOTEL LOGISTICS.  Needless to say, my day was slightly above frustrating.  So when I thought, crap, I have to end it at the dentist, I had no idea how wonderfully it would end.  Seriously, this dentist may be my new best friend.  She made me feel so fabulous.  Usually when I go to the dentist, I get a lot of gawking followed by “I’ve never seen before.”  Yes, my teeth are weird, a dental student’s worst nightmare, a dentist’s dream case.  Apparently, they’re not in the right order, my one wisdom tooth is horizontal and hidden, and overall it’s just a bucket full of weird. Well, I left that appointment feeling like a million bucks.  Like seriously, my smile is the best thing since ice chips.  Speaking of ice chips, I was told to lay off.

Dance, Monkey, Dance!
First flash mob (well second) completed!!  It was awweeeesome.  I was so nervous, but once I started, well I still was nervous and messed up a few times, but still.  I highly recommend it!

Cat City!
One month ’til I depart for Malaysia.  Here’s some fun trivia:
The Malaysian city of Kuching translates as The Cat City, so it makes perfect sense it have its very own cat museum, especially since many Malaysians believe cats bring good luck. The Cat Museum, along with dozens of cat statues around Kuching were erected in celebration of the city’s name, and the important role cats play in the every day life of the locals. It was inaugurated in 1993, and has since then become a favorite destination of cat lovers all over the world.
Spending next week in Atlanta with Health Communication nerds from across the US, some Atlanta besties, my delightful cousins, and my fabulous banana-hoarding Ba :).
P.S.  It’s not about the chicken, it’s not about the business, folks.  It’s about the people.  THE PEOPLE.  Whatever you may believe, we’re all human.  Let’s remind ourselves of this simple truism often.  Forget your politics, and just love people.
“I am your coworker, your frat brother, your cousin, your neighbor. And I am watching as you defend institutionalized discrimination.” — Connor Gaughan, Huffington Post

I just met you, this is crazy.

Open memo to all bikers:

If I am walking, please make your way to the street.  If I am in my car, get on the damn sidewalk.  Also, you’re essentially a motor vehicle per the DOT (okay, per somebody, not sure who).  No, but in all seriousness, stop being so annoying slash reckless.  It doesn’t help when you’re dressed like a table cloth and spray on denim.  IT DOESN’T HELP.

Adventures in the District

Um, I love DC like a…uhh, a….um, a hipster likes flannel?  Literally, you are in a museum of American history no matter which direction you turn.  I loved ‘troling the halls of the Smithsonian and Nat’l Galleries (East and West!) as for that moment in time, reality is frozen.  The economic crisis isn’t the one of 2012, it’s the Great Depression.  You’re not awe-inspired by the current African American in office, you’re hearing the rhetoric of MLK.  You’re taken to the bridges of London, the streets of mid 20th century Harlem, the sounds of Jazz…I love it.  It’s an alternate reality celebrating our melting pot/salad bowl (I think we’re a little of both) history.  Delights abound.

More entertaining bits about DC trip

–        Being stuck at the United Club (members only) at the airport with my boss.  No, please take your call with the Gates Foundation on polio eradication.  Free WiFi means facebooking for me.

–        Meeting the most attractive man on the current gov’t payroll.  OMG, I think I may have giggled when I shook hands with our Deputy Asst Secretary for Health….DASH…he was dashing.  Mind you, my boss totes bogarted him away from the rest of us.  Hmmph.

–        The security guard who asked if he could call me some time.  Really wanted to break into I JUST MET YOU, THIS IS CRAAAAZY….alas, I didn’t.

–        Catching up with a dear friend (one who I may have met at one of my focus groups in my previous job.  Our friendship is essentially one big IRB protocol violation, but it’s worth it!)

–        Rollins reunion – so excited to hear about the adventures of my dear friends!

Travel Fever!

It was DC, soon it will be New York, then Atlanta, then MALAYSIA!!  OMG, the trip was actually approved, I booked a ticket, it was awesome.  I can’t wait to explore Borneo.  Imagine the stories I shall have :).  So far I’ve hopped on a plane every month of 2012.  Loves.


I’ve actually managed to stay physically activeish.  Bolly class = wonderful.  Jazzercise = dang, that’s hard core, but I like it!  Kundalini yoga = 90 minutes I will never get back.  OMG,   Within 10 minutes of arriving, I am asked to take a giant horse pill.  Then it was 90 minutes of not stress-relieving meditation.  At one point, I was literally on all fours wagging my…self like a little puppy.  Sigh.  I may or may not have signed up for a class called train like jane.  I hope I don’t die.

I did purchase an exercise ball!!!  It is soooo much fun, and I’ve only tumbled 10-15 times.  So far, no bruises, Ma!

Kiks’ Picks for July

West. Wing.  Enough said.  Where have you been all my life.

The Bedford off the Division Blue.  Fun drinks, and you’re in a vault.  WHAT more do you need?

Peanut Butter Fro-Yo – when you have (super) siblings like I do, you must learn to enjoy fro yo.  With peanut butter flavor, I genuinely love it!

Next stop…New York City, the Chicago of the East Coast…


And the SCOTUS said, “Let there be…health.”

Listen, this post is gonna start off kinda “wax philosophical/hug a bear” in nature, so please be warned.  Also, I don’t think in complete sentences, so I don’t plan to write in them.  Deal.

I recently had a life-shaking volunteer experience.  Changing seems too strong, so I’ll just say it jarred me ever so slightly.  It made me reflect.  I spent an evening with a formerly incarcerated woman – helping her figure out her yahoo e-mail and facebook profile.  It was kinda awesome.  She was so excited to get her profile updated.  The best part – when we realized the same women inspired us (you know that section on your profile where you’re asked “Who inspires you?”)  I also really loved telling her she could listen to Obama on youtube!  Well, Obama and Mary J Blige.  I guess the experience just made me realize – just about anything is possible.  To speak with this reformed woman and learn about her life, her struggles (without learning the why’s and how’s of her incarceration) made me more aware of all the complaining we all do.  I am the QUEEN of complaining.  Honestly, I can find something wrong with just about anything.  But in the end, I realize I am actually really quite grateful for all that I have.

That moment when my boss is being a troll, work is overwhelming, Excel isn’t brightening my spirits –> remember you’re lucky to be employed (in a job that you enjoy, doing work that excites you and hopefully helps others).

When I think….ugh, I hate dieting, and I really suck at it.  I WANT TO BE SKINNY –> recognizing that I am so lucky that I have enough food to say, I don’t need to eat this now, I can eat it later.  And the fact that abundant food is actually a problem. 

That bit of loneliness (and maibs a twinge of jealousy?) arising from within when you realize so many others’ lives are moving forward more efficiently than your own. –> remembering how far you’ve come since last year, last month, last week.  And reminding yourself that your happiness really shouldn’t be direct function of others’.  Do good.  Take care of yourself.  Let yourself be happy.

When I sit in the waiting office at my doctor’s (and then in the actual exam room) for more than an hour and a half –> 1) at least you get a daytime nap 2) how lucky are you to be insured and have the option to wait (forevvvzzz) to be seen by a great internist?

When the heat seems borderline unbearable and my greatest concern is excessive tanning and sweating (or as I like to say, glowing) –> Oh, that’s right, I have a f(x)ing air conditioner, access to cold ice, (it’s my thing, get over it), and clothes to protect my skin.

I realize my comments are much less profound and graceful than those of the Dalai Lama (http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-3776/20-Instructions-for-Life-by-The-Dalai-Lama.html), but really it’s the same message, people.

Be grateful.  Do good.  Do your best, but realize perfection is overrated.  Let yourself be happy.  Recognize that a healthier you is a happier you.  Most importantly, recognize health is more than your flu shot or Advil (though get your dang vaccine!) – It’s about your well-being.  Take a mind break and a me-moment (day/hour/week) every now and again.  And by all means, vent.  VENT freely and scream.  Cry the ugly cry.  But then just remember ‘all of the above,’ – change what you can, accept what you can’t, and laugh loudly.

Anyhoo, back to me.  Wtf is up with people on the train?!  Seriously, if there are seats available, you are NOT welcome to sit next to me.  Also, a 2 year old (in a stroller) should not be chugging Dr Pepper from a 20oz.  Oye.  And lastly, what’s the point of your headphones if I can hear you blasting that Rihanna?  You may recall my previous rant on why wear a belt if your draaaws (hehe, roos) are gonna show?  Same. Concept.

And on the note of public transit – let me share some basic etiquette (many of these rules have been touched upon in the past.  Those fools are clearly not reading my blog).

–        If you are going to text and walk, please be sure you’re proficient in multi-tasking.  I don’t have time to turtle crawl behind you b/c you’re laughing at an LOL Cats post on facebook.

–        If your bus is not here yet, DO not stand in front of the door of the wrong bus.  That really annoys people.

–        If you’re going to smoke, do it in a cave.  My pink lungs do not welcome you at the bus stop.

–        If you’re going to scream on the train during the really loud parts of the commute – SHUT UP.

Work has been going well lately – as I dabble into the world of international tobacco control, I am quickly learning that CRAP, a lot of people smoke.  I guess I always knew, but to see some of these numbers is just mind-blowingly painful.  Excited about the changes in my job description and excited that I still have a job.

I recently travelled to Florida for a conference (Academy-dime, holla) – social marketing!  OMG.  Nerd moment – I’ve only been studying this field since 2006.  I met some really influential minds who understand that “doing good” is a business in some sorts.  It requires strategy, efficiency, and long-term thinking.  Kinda awesome.  Also, awesome?  Getting to hang out with my sisters for the weekend on the beach

Next up….DC for a meeting at the Dept of Health and Human Services.  Um, kinda cool.  Why?  Well, b/c our Assistant Sec of Health is the cutest guy in Obama’s administration, that’s why!  I mean, it’s such an honor…nope, I stand with my original comment.

THEN – 6 years after we met (well, some of us at least), we’re having a Payless reunion in the big Apple!

In closing, yaaay for the Affordable Care Act being upheld.  I appreciate all the of the discord and differing opinions; however, today I am happy to say proud to be an (Asian-Indian) American, and happy our kids (and adults) will be protected regardless of their situations.  Now, POTUS, let’s figure out how to treat our immigrants more humanely…obvi, after you celebrate for a moment.

For realz, in closing, sending warm, dry, sunny thoughts to my friends and family in Florida.  Debby, you is a skank!


Public Enemy #1: Suburban Geese

Hello, Bloggettes!

It’s been a while so I thought I’d drop in for a quick howdy-ho.  Summer is officially here.  Okay, lies, it’s not officially here until June 21st, but that’s just semantics (and lunar calendar and Roman God stuff).

New York comes to Chicago

At the end of April, my dear vegan hippie from “how the hell are you guys still a state” Arizona who currently lives in the city that never sleeps (NYC, people get with it) came for a visit.  It was delightful.  Delicious vegan eats, not so touristy tourism mixed in with a little hardcore Asian fanny pack tourism, and wonderful conversation.  Nothing like a school friend reunion.  I will say, Vegan is a bit of a crazy person so watching her being shocked with so much random (not shockworthy) things was pretty amazing.  Phrase of the weekend: “Wait, I don’t get it.  I am so confused right now.”

Geese Police

The weather has warmed up which means those mother-effing geese are back.  Recently, I was attacked.  ATTACKED I SAY.  It was totes Socs with their Madras shirts style (Outsiders ref, holla!)  Mother geese hissed at me!  Neck arched!  I was paralyzed in fear.  I kept going back inside and hovering by the door.  They and their (evil albeit adorable) spawn were everywhere.  I nearly missed my bus.  Finally, I ran to catch it as it was zooming past me, tried to scan my company ID to get on, and collapsed in a chair.  DRAMA.  Then, of course, my uncle calls so I can chat with my saucy granny….so I end up yelling in gujarati on a Pace bus after making a fool of myself.  For the Gujus in the house – imagine me yelling PAPDI LOTTE, BA multiple times (while out of breathe).  Winning.

Viva Las Vegas

First trip to Vegas to celebrate my dear friend’s birthday!  It was fabulous and sparkly and over-the-top in all aspects. Things I learned:

  • Turns out you don’t have to be a size 2 to wear size 2 clothes
  • It’s legal to smoke directly into the lungs of toddlers
  • New racial color code:  black, white, Asian, leathery orange
  • The city does actually sleep!  Lame.
  • Um, I can party a lot longer than I ever thought I could (mind you, I limited my sun and boozing to allow for this)
  • Travelling with 4 Guju girls is pretty much the best thing ever.  And Vitamin Water is a perfectly acceptable mixer!
  • Spirit Airlines is an absolute whoreface monger.
  • Best story:  On my whoreface monger of an experience with Spirit, I met some interesting folks – one dude was in a wheelchair.  We were chatting, and I asked how he injured his leg (in my head: War Vet!) – His response: My friends and I were at a gentlmen’s club (best start ever).  And we didn’t want to wait the 30 minutes for the limo (dang, son, I was trekking around on the RTC bus), so we started walking.  We got separated, and I ended up having to jump a fence.  HAHAHHAA.  But wait, WAIT, it gets better.  I guess his MCL was already screwed and he had surgery scheduled prior to the jump.  He said his hibiscus was messed up.  I am sorry, what?!  Then he followed it with meniscus.  Hahhahaa, so I guess he’s a gardener, too.  Good times.  Wish him well.
  • Conclusion:  Lovely time, awesome company, 1 time in Vegas is plenty for this little one.

Happy Birthday, Chicken Wing, Princess L, and Chicken Man.

May was a huge month for birthdays!  My little Chicken Wing turned 21!  OMG, I am so old.  Actually, no feels like she’s finally catching up.  My adorable princess of a niece hit the big 01!  Holla.  And my dad turned 65.  Wow, what a momentous occasion for the old guy.  I got a solid amount of “I am crying b/c you’re not married” via e-mail.  Since it was his birthday, I let it slide.  My personal favorite “Your pleasure is our happiness” or was it “Your happiness is our pleasure”?  Either way, pretty sure chicken man stole that motto from Motel 6.

Kiks’ Picks for Chicaaaago

  • Hit up a game at Comiskey, err, Cellular One on a fireworks night.  Best fireworks I’ve seen in Chicago, bar-none (remember that show HEY DUDE?  Awesome)
  • Boiler Room in Logan Sq.  Bring cash and order the Purist.  IF you’re a whiskey (wo)man – treat yo’self to a Jack Daniels soft serve cone
  • Bollywood Groove…I know, I know, I said it already, but I loves it!

Next up for Kiks…Florida, DC, NYC!  I gotta saying moving around as much as I did in the first 5 years post-UF was a challenge.  I always wondered if I could maintain those different city friendships.  In DC, I am hanging out with a lovely gal (after my first trip to HHS!!) who I met a few times while living in Atlanta – LOVE HER.  In New York, I am having a Payless reunion….nearly 5 years after I left Oz.  I love my friends from all the cities I’ve graced with my presence (too far?) – I am a lucky lady!


me: perhaps i am a little needy.

lunchtime blogging is the best!!  also, i am eating ice for lunch after over-snacking on my Asian Chex Mix.  DISCIPLINE!

Things I’ve recently witnessed on the train:

Little punk Indian kid unwrapping some tin foil to reveal a paan – my fob followers will follow me on that one.

While getting ready to exit train, standing next to a man who was buckling his belt.

While not exactly on the train – a couple of weeks ago, I was cornered at the train station by TWO FIGHTING PIGEONS!  I had no idea what to do.  Do I climb back up the stairs?  It’s just I was so close to my sister’s place…do I wait?  Do I scream for help?  I walked extremely stealthy (as stealthy as I could with my 16×20 painting and huge monkey tote bag) and made it out safely.

I’ve recently transformed into a Bollywood klutz.  I’ve started taking cardio/dance/exercise class called Bollywood Groove.  It’s awesome, but dang, yo, I iz in pain!  So much jumping, hopping, (fist) pumping…Loves!  On a slightly related note, I need better pants.  My adorable gray fleece pants (with LOVE embellished on the rear) just wouldn’t stay up.  Bollywood moves are hard as is, trying to keep my pants up while looking graceful is….well, obvi not possible.  Kids, I might just stick with this one!

still working on facial expressions

It reminds me of my past life when I worked in South Asian health.  I loves the music, the instructor is awesome – if only I could make the sound she makes in the middle of class. Ooooooowewwweeeeeeee.  Yup, that’s it.


In a week or so, my dear vegan, dirty hippie is coming to town!!!  Look out, Chi-town, the best of Chicago tourism starts shortly.  Frank Lloyd Wright, Cultural Center (!!!), the lake, Logan Sq, vegan eats, maibs some roller derby, perhaps a guest Bollywood dance class…and most importantly, the best conversation ever.  Can’t wait to play J.  Just another reminder that I have really awesome, eccentric friends and family.  I love that.  I love that they’re all so different.  Makes it so much easier to mock them – SO. MUCH. FREAKING. MATERIAL.

A slice of my life in text, chat, email:

me: perhaps i am a little needy.

me: sometimes i think she [my sister] regrets asking [me] “Whatcha doing”–i always got answers

Chicken Wing: lol-gone were the days where the answer was always “nothing”

me: nope. i always GOT THOUGHTS

Chicken Wing: lol. fine!

Time for my cabbage lunch.  WHAT WAS I THINKING.

Polish Princess:  ALSO REESES EGGS – RMS Cube

me:  you are allergic to peanuts.

Polish Princess:  but not to deliciousness

Chicken Wing: it felt so good flossing my teeth sunday night

Guys, I haven’t gotten obsessive over a cute Indian star in a while, so throwing it back old school (circa 2nd semester at Emory) to the love my life (YES, I KNOW HE’S YOUNG, WEARS UGLY SHOES, AND HAS OBNOXIOUS GLASSES)….my American Idol heeeeerooooo….Anoop.  Though I will say, I must figure out how to get off the Anoop mailing list (it was a moment of weakness, 2 years ago, people, let it go).

Songs I recently added to my (bangin’) Spotify playlist

–        Selena – Dreaming of you

–        Gloria E – Reach

–        Drink & My 2-Step (oh hellz, yeah)

Recently went to a multi-school alum happy hour @ the Kerryman.  Fail.  Seeing my dear Emory friend was lovely.  Talking to middle aged immigration lawyer who couldn’t hear us in the loud bar for 25 minutes…mostly just awkward =|.

I love FAMILY REUNIONS!  Just returned from one – and it confirmed what we all already knew.  My family is crazy awesome, and very crazy.  Oh, and loud.

ALSO MY STEAMER HAS ARRIVED – did i mention this earlier in the post?  Irregardless, it’s here.  Get excited.



Zou Bisou Bisou…

I was listening to ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’ all week at work to help me get through my quarterly HHS (Dept of Health and Human Services, fool, I am a big deal) reporting.  Best line ever?  “You can’t say Newt or Mitt” — hahahaha, now, I am totally going to listen out for media folks saying that.  Come on, that’s funny.

I have recently become a parallel parking PRO.  Okay, I am related to some P3’s (you see what I did there?  I am a tween, I am too busy to talk in full-speak).  In the last month, I’ve p-parked WELL twice – in tight areas!  Okay, tightish areas. AND, I’ve been able to extract my car from tight spots.  Yes, it took me 10 minutes.  Yes, I got into and out of my car 11 times.  And yes, it was the 8th time of getting back into the car that I realized I didn’t need to buckle my seat belt each time.  Point being – I did it!  And this summer, I plan to practice more! 

Also, I am in the process of transitioning into Chicago-dom 16 months after moving here.  First, an IL license.  YAY, new picture.  While I always loved my FL picture, one day my brother (-in-law) said “You look like a fob.”  Coming from a genuine fob, I haven’t been able to shake the comment.  So I am ready to have my do-over.  I must get my bangs trimmed first.  Then, I will get my Chicago city sticker!  Things just got real.  Of course, I was supposed to get it last June, so mostly I am doing it so my car isn’t booted.  Perhaps, I’ll change my plates, we’ll see.

Ever just have a down week?  And I don’t mean a wompy week, I mean enjoying some genuine (for realz, yo) down time? That was my week.  SO delightful.  Last night (last Friday niiiiiigggght), my dear friend of 15+ years came over to hang out.  What did we do?  I had him move some furniture, re-arrange some artwork, fed him some leftover palak+fish, and we chatted about the frustrations of public health work.  Nerdy and lame?  Maibs.  Just what we needed?  Absolutely.  I say this because I really wanted to have my furniture moved!  Hehe, kidding…it’s kinda cool to have friends from the late 90s…I have a heaping handful of them – whether we keep in touch via FB, email, text, a visit here and there…it’s so lovely to have them in my lives.  I wonder if I’ll be able to make my 10-yr reunion later this summer.  I hope so…also, WTF, does this officially mean I am old?  

Best Affordable Care Act response for the week:

Sick of all the Legal Jargon, AAP Takes Creative Approach to ACA Regulatory Comments; HHS Secretary Welcomes New Approach*

Following this week’s Supreme Court consideration of challenges to the ACA, the AAP Department of Federal Affairs has taken a new, revolutionary approach to regulatory comments pertaining to the health reform law. Forgoing the customary confines of intricate policy analysis and concrete recommendations on how to improve the law for children and pediatricians, the AAP Department of Federal Affairs has opted to go a different route, instead providing feedback via poetry.

“After listening to this week’s exhausting game of intellectual one-up-manship that was the Supreme Court oral arguments on the Affordable Care Act, my head was spinning,” said Mark Del Monte, JD, Director of the Department of Federal Affairs. “We need to find a way to bring the product to the people; to make the legal jargon more accessible and, dare I say, entertaining. In short, we need poetry.”

Citing concerns of the law’s fate as the nation awaits the Supreme Court’s ultimate ruling this June, Mr. Del Monte did not want to wait another minute before enacting the new approach. Typically, Academy-submitted comments to various health reform regulations can be pages long. Not anymore.

What follows is the AAP’s first comment submission under the new Poetry Policy, a haiku in response to guidance released from the Administration on Essential Health Benefits for children:

All children deserve

Essential health benefits

Get it right, darn it

“I was thrilled, but not surprised, to hear of AAP’s plans to use poetry as the primary form of regulatory comment submission; leave it to pediatricians to pioneer such needed change,” said U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “We get so many ‘technical comments.’ Yawn. I look forward to learning the pediatric perspective on ACA implementation through iambic pentameter, limerick, sonnet, free-form verse—the choices are endless, really.”

(Mind you, it was posted by the Academy’s Department of Federal Affairs as an April Fool’s joke, but still, it’s hilaaaar.)

“Is somebody eating burnt plastic for lunch again? (says the girl who smells like the Shedd).” – maybe I typed this at work.  Maybe it was after I eat spinach and fish for lunch so really at no place to judge.

Happy weekend, readers!  I look forward to relaxing 2 days of being the opposite of kind of productive…also, it’s the most wonderful time of the year…haircut day!  I LOVE GETTING MY HAIR CUT.  Even if it’s just a trim.  I don’t know why it’s such a special thing.

I just had frozen waffles for the first time in FOREVER.  Trader Joe’s wheatish (or something like that) waffles w/ real maple syrup.  YAAAAAAAAAY, the weekend is the best high ever.

p.s. MAD MEN – AMCTV online!  Holla, Don Draper, no seriously, holla at me.


Girl, you smell good!

Why yes, my neighbor said that as he took a huge whiff of me en route to the train.  Oh. dear.

Hello, bloggettes!  It’s been a while, the weather is spectacular, and funny things have happened since last we met.

Flash Mob!  You know what’s cool?  When you have the type of friends that celebrate a very special girl by performing a pseduo-synchronized flash mob for her.  Yup, me, the girl who quit dance after only a year and a half.  I gotta say, I didn’t suck!  So if ever you need a semi-professional flash mob queen, please contact my secretary.

St Patty’s Day!  The weather has been so amazing of late – the sun is shining, but the trees are still bare.  I celebrated the Irish at…the Irish Heritage Center with a couple of Irish ladies and a couple Polish princesses.  Um, Irish dancing is hard core.  It’s like bhangra hard core.  More importantly, this little lady finished her FIRST BEER.  This time, it’s for realzies, folks.  Not a cider.  A real Miller’s Lite.  Ew.  But it was okay…27 years, it took.  I will likely be 30 before I have my next.  And when I say 30, I mean never.

Philly!  I went to Philly for work a couple weeks ago and got to see some family/friends in the process.  LOVELY.  The weather, the people, the food.  Also, this pediatrician told me the COOLEST THING EVER after learning what my sister and brother do for a living.  ‘You know what, Kiks, you’re going to make the most impact.”  OMG OMG OMG – where is my mom, dad, sister, brother, and all other members of my family when you need them?!  Not in the back of that smelly cab, that’s where.  It’s the small things in life, people.  Also, this is the doc who referred to me as “Big K.”

Holy blood…I donated blood for the first time earlier this month.  Traumatic would be a gross understatement.  At first, it was all fun and games.  I went through the necessary questions (why no kind lady, I have, in fact, never solicited a prostitute), my vein was identified, the needle poked me…chatting it up with the vampire lady who was taking my blood).  Mostly, I was excited b/c the after-donation treat included Oreos!  Also, maibs I asked how much weight 1 pint equaled…just curious.  Then things went downhill.  A weird heat sensation came over me.  They tilted my chair back, put some ice on my neck, a cold cloth on my forehead…and…they placed a large plastic (bio-hazard bag on me).  Did they think I was going to throw up?  Were they going to wrap me up in said mini-body bag?  Was my coloring kinda green?  Humiliating!  Why, you ask?  The blood donation group was set up in our company atrium…there’s a lot of glass in our building.  I essentially put on a (pathetic) show for all those around.  And, dang it Dan, my arm hurt like a mo-fo that day!

Other cool things

– An LA talent manager friended me – does this mean, it’s officially time for my 15 minutes?!  Move over, Mindy Kalig.  My catchphrase will be “totes.”

– DIY queen…I’ve made my own perfume and crepes since my last post.  Next up – a new painting for my living room :).

http://www.tomhaverfoods.com –> enough said

– one month ’til family reunion in the South!!  YIPPEE.

– Longman & Eagle – best. brunch. ever.  (also, richest. brunch. ever.)

– Blender was definitely a good investment.  I LOVE BLENDING THINGS.

– my job: totally doing some real communications stuff, and I LOVES IT.  Also, the new CDC tobacco campaign is scary…but I hope it’s also effective!

– 27 and single — this open letter is SOOOOO freaking funny.

– my next investment will be a…CLOTHES STEAMER!!!  OMGeezy, they are awesome.  Again, small things, ppl.

blog rec:  she’s indian, she’s a cook, and she’s quirky…plus, perhaps the best PUNster I’ve ever read :).



I think I shall crack open a window (after climbing on mini-ladder to reach it), pull out my pilates resistance bands, and watch some 30 rock.  Happiest of Mondays, to my dearest friends :).